Monday, March 9, 2015

Anthem of the Seas Ems Conveyance Tuesday, March 10,

After evaluation of the latest weather forecasts,  the management team of Meyer weft has decided to bring forward Ems Conveyance to Tuesday, March 10, from about 14:00. 
The Anthem of the Seas is expected be ready for the conveyance Tuesday morning,The arrival in Eemshaven (NL) is scheduled for Wednesday morning. 
Following the work taking place there, such as the acquisition of food, fuel and water technical and nautical test drive in the North Sea will take place. 
After sea trials the vessel will continuet to the port of Bremerhaven, where the transfer of the ship to Royal caribbean International. Also, the training of the crew will be held in Bremerhaven. 
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The conveyance of the Anthem of the Seas on the EMS will take place with the support of Emssperrwerkes. The duration of the passage is kept as short as possible. More information about the function and operation of the barrage can be found at:

For transition following provisional schedule, which may change at short notice depending on the weather conditions is :Tuesday, March 10, 2015of 14:30 clock passage of the sea lock (Papenburg)about 18:30 clock passing the Friesen Bridge (Weener)At 21:00 clock passed the Jann-Berghaus Bridge (Leer)about 23:30 clock arrival Emssperrwerk (Gandersum)

Wednesday, March 11, 201503:00 clock passing Emssperrwerk04:30 clock passing Emden06:30 clock arrival Eemshaven

This plan is subject to the corresponding wind and weather conditions and water levels in the river Ems. Time changes are possible!